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The culture- and gamepark Hallagården is situated about 23km southwest of Kalmar, in Småland (Sweden). You are welcome to visit the park of wild animals and meet several kinds like fallow deers, red deers. Domestic cattle like Hereford and Highland cattle, etc.


Within the area there are possibilities to discover elder culture objetcs, like for instance Stone-Age relics. A nice mixture of the Swedish nature; great woods of oaks and spruce, opened fields and enclosed pastures and the Swedish coastline.


The largest animal within the deer family is the elk (Alces alces). One might think that an elk is a lumbering creature but no; it is even a good swimmer. Every winter the elk sheds its antler, but they grow back in time to the mating season.


Between May and June the fawns are born; often in pair of twins. They stay with their mother the first year but when it is time for the next litter they are driven away. But they have a long life to look forward to; an elk can live for 25 years.


During the hunting in the autumn 100 000 elks are shot. In the beginning of the 19'th century the elks were almost eradicated in Sweden. The authorities stepped in to protect the elks and that is why elk hunting only is allowed in the autumn.



The Kingdom of Crystal is a small section of Kronoberg and Kalmar counties in the province of Småland. Småland is situated in the Southeastern part of Sweden. Many of the world´s best-known glassworks can be found here. The area was also home to a disproportionate number of Sweden´s New World emigrants. (http://www.glasriket.net/)


  • Kosta is the oldest glassworks in Sweden still producing handmade glass. Kosta produces a broad range of crystal pieces, glass tableware and art glass. History is always present at Kosta, but the glassworks is also known for its innovative, highly modern design. On the glassworks grounds are a museum, exhibition hall, glassblowing and glassworks shop. Guided tours available.


  • Orrefors' history stretches back over 100 years. Starting in 1916-17, a variety of new techniques were developed for the making of utilitarian and art glass under the pioneers of Orrefors design, Simon Gate and Edward Hald. The tradition lives on, with both heavy, clear crystal and the more colourful art glass of the eight current designers. At Orrefors, you can wander through the museum and blowing room on your own or take a guided tour. Glassworks shop and restaurant on the grounds.


The town of Kalmar, with its architecture and planlayout, its fortified walls, cobbled streets and stone-built houses from 17th century is a wonderful reminder of Sweden´s time as a great power. (http://www.kalmar.se/turism/)


Borgholm Castle leaves no visitor unmoved by its huge bulk and impressive location. From the sea the grey ruin perched atop a vertical cliff and girded by forests gives a romantic impression. From the land the castle´s mightly walls rear up majestically at the edge of the great heath known as Alvaret. (http://www.borgholm.se)


Kalmar country museum, where culture can be everything from Jenny Nyström’s typically Swedish Christmas wall hangings to archaeological finds, gold coins from the wreck of the warship ‘Kronan’, ornate 18th-century embroidery or photographs from the days our grandparents were young in an era when hands produced more than machines. (http://www.kalmarlansmuseum.se/)

If you find interest in visiting the Kalmar neighbourhood, please come and visit us. We are situated about 23km southwest of Kalmar in Småland (Sweden).


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Culture- and gamepark Hallagården
Contact person: Bengt Delmeby

Mortorp 140, 388 91 Vassmolösa, Sweden


Telephone. +46-480-350 17
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Mortorps Hembygds-förening verkar i Mortorps socken med tätorten Tvärskog. De vårdar och visar Hembygdsgården i Tvärskog med bebyggelse från 1700-talet.


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Kalmar stad har med sin arkitektur och stadsplan, sina vallar, kuller-stensgator och stenhus från 1600-talet på ett enastående sätt bevarat minnet av svensk stormaktstid.


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Glasriket ligger inom några mils omkrets i Kronobergs och Kalmar län i Småland. Här finns många av världens mest berömda glasbruk (t.ex. Kosta och Orrefors). I samma område hittar du också utvandrarbygden.


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Endast 18 km från parken erbjuder Möre Golfklubb dig en utmanande golfrunda i vacker Småländsk parkmiljö. Banan karaktäriseras av sina stora upphöjda greenområden med vaktande bunkrar. Flera hål följer den vackra Bruatorpsåns slingrande ned mot kusten.

Elk - the king of the forrest

Hallagårdens Älg och Vilt